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Yay! Patterns!

If you need any help with my patterns
feel free to e-mail me at

All my patterns are getting put up on  Ravelry.
I’m working on updating some of them,
thank you for your patience.

Skjól ENG



Pink Breast ENG

Crochet Xmas Balls ENG

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  1. Flottar uppskriftirnar hjá þér!

  2. Christine McKay

    I have made several Lopi sweaters but right now I would like to make crocheted Lopi hats. Started to knit one but I will be forever making several for a Food Pantry to hand out. Could you help me in finding a papttern or creating one?. Have a bit of odd balls that could be used up this way. Thank you,

  3. Knitty Attitude

    Christine McKey: I would crochet the hats from the top down, starting with ca. 6 sts and increasing evenly in every row until you get the desired with and then continue until you get the length you want. Good luck :)

  4. Christine McKay

    Thank you. I will give it a try. Not being a regular crocheter, I will have some fun. Knitting is slower and I’d like to get some hats to the Food Pantry or homeless before Spring!!


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