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Autumn socks – for me!

I’ve jumped on the sock train and I’m never getting of it!

I made myself a pair of socks for the autumn – my favourite season!

Delicious Hedgehog Fibres Sock and my favourite heel design (Fish Lips Kiss heel by the Sox Therapist) = love ’em!

2016-09-28 20.07.42.jpg

2016-09-28 20.15.57.jpg
Autumn Socks
Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Poison colorway
Needles: 2.5 mm.
My Autumn socks on Ravelry



In the first months of 2014 I promised myself to write down everything I’d craft in the year and make a fancy list of if by the end of the year. I made a list of almost everything I did and tried to put it all up on Ravelry with photos. However, some pairs of socks and mittens were missed by the camera and it’s not a complete list for the year as I’m definitely forgetting something…

So here it is, in no particular order:


Baby set for the wee one; a sweater, hat and socks

Ysolda’s MKAL shawl

A green BSJ

A purple BSJ

Striped socks

Kenzie shawl

And… loads of mittens, socks and hats for the kids.


A blanket for the wee one

 Herðubreið shawl

 Blanket for a new nephew

Jóhanna af Örk hat/cowl


I’m setting the goal for even more crafting in 2015!

No more tangled headphones!

I love my headphones but I hate when they get all tangled up and it takes precious minutes (that could be spent knitting!) to untangle them. So I crochet the cord and now I have yarn-cover headphones that don’t tangle!

Groovy headphonesYarn: Hjertegarn Sock 4
Crochet needle: 1.75 mm.
Groovy headphones on Ravelry.

2010 in knitting

Here is a list of some of the projects I knitted in the year 2010, somewhere between getting married, working, studying and moving :)

For photos – click here :)

Frost for Rocky – Traditional Icelandic sweater made for my friend Rocky.
Pattern: Frost by Védís Jónsdóttir published in the book Lopi 29.
This project on Ravelry.

Chunky hug – a big wrap made from Bulky lopi, Icelandic wool.
Pattern: Klukkuprjónsslá from the book Prjónaperlur.
This project on Ravelry.

Mystery KAL – mystery knit-along.
Pattern: Found somewhere on the web.
This project on Ravelry.

Icelandic hat – birthday gift for a friend.
Pattern: Húfa úr tvöföldum plötulopa from the book Vettlingar og fleira. Fair isle part made up along the way.
This project on Ravelry.

Little pink BSJ – the first garment I make from Eigingirni – MyOwnYarn/EgoYarn hand dyed by myself.
Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabet Zimmermann.
This project on Ravelry.

Vest goes retro – A retro vest made from my stash.
Pattern: Vesti goes hipp from the book Prjóniprjón.
This project on Ravelry.

Fire shawl – A simple shawl knitted from my own hand dyed wool, Eigingirni.
Pattern: Þríhyrna from the book Prjóniprjón.
This project on Ravelry.

Skjól – Cowl, knitted from my hand dyed wool, Eigingirni.
Pattern: My own design, published in the book Fleiri Prjónaperlur.
This project is not yet on Ravelry.

Little boy blanket – A warm baby blanket made for my friends little newborn.
Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
This project on Ravelry.

Little blue BSJ – A BSJ in blue.
Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabet Zimmermann.
This project on Ravelry.

Little baby caps – Caps for newborns.
Pattern: Kvenfélagshúfan.
This project on Ravelry.

Little girl blanket – A baby blanket.
Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
This project on Ravelry.

Tiny baby shoes – Tiny shoes with the cutest buttons ever!
Pattern: Tiny Shoes by Ysolda Teague
This project on Ravelry.

Krílapeysa – Little “lopapeysa” for my little nephew.
Patten:  Íslensk/færeysk krílapeysa by Erla Sigurlaug, published in the book Fleiri Prjónaperlur.
This project on Ravelry.

A little blanket

Just finished one Bring-it-on-baby blanket from and have casted on for another one! The one I finished is for a little boy due very soon.

This blanket is an easy – and yet so cute – pattern and with the gorgeus colors of the Ístex Kambgarn it’s pleasure to knit! Having 5 friends with babys on the way fast and beautiful knits are more than welcome :)

Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
Yarn: Ístex Kambgarn
Needles: 6.0 mm.

My little boy blanket on Ravelry.

Eigingirni shawl

Just finished a shawl with my own hand dyed wool, Eigingirni (unfortunately only available in Iceland for now).

Pattern: Þríhyrna from the book Prjóniprjón.
Yarn: Eigingirni from Knitty Attitude, 50 gr.
Needles: 6.5 mm.

Eigingirni shawl on Ravelry and Flickr!

Sunrise Clapotis!

From the moment I saw Clapotis on Ravelry I fell in love. This was something I just HAD to knit!  …and I did ;)

Here is my Clapotis:

Pattern: Clapotis on Ravelry
Yarn: Kauni, color EU
Needles: 4.5 mm.

My Sunrise Clapotis on Ravelry.

Knitting with Mr. Fibonacci!

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician born in 1170. He is known for the Fibonacci sequence of numbers where every number is the sum of the two previous numbers.

It starts like this:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233… etc.

So… why am I, the knitter, going on about some Italian that loved numbers?

Because the Fibonacci numbers are BRILLIANT for striped knitting! Yes, by using these numbers to help us decide when to change colors you get a garmet that is random in color without looking like you where really confused when choosing the colors.

This is a vest I made, using Fibonacci’s numbers with the striping:

Pattern:  Vesti goes hipp from the book Prjóniprjón
Yarn: Létt-Lopi from my stash
Needles: 3,5 and 4,5 circulars, 60 cm.

Here is the project on Ravelry.

On the needles now is a shawl. The pattern is from the book Prjóniprjón, the needles are 6.0 mm. KnitPro’s and the yarn is my very own hand dyed Eigingirni. Here is what it looks like now… just a few stitches on the needles:

Frost all done! :)

The traditional icelandic sweater I was making for a friend of mine is all done and shipped to USA!

Pattern:  Frost by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi 29
Yarn:  Álafoss lopi, same colors as in the pattern

A little close up on the finishing…

A birthday gift

Inspired by the icelandic handball team, playing on EM in Austria, I knitted this hat for a birthday gift. It’s icelandic wool and the colors of the icelandic flag.

Pattern:  Dökk húfa úr tvöföldum plötulopa from the book Vettlingar og fleira.
I made up the fair isle part.
Yarn:  Plötulopi (unspun Icelandic wool), had 2 strands together.
Needles:  4.5 mm.