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It’s October again!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In October 2011 I did a breast yarnstorm outside the The Icelandic Cancer Society.

In October 2012 I took “the travelling boob” with me everywhere I went and made a series that I called Boob on the go.

I have not planned anything for this October but if you want to yarnbomb with boobies, here is a free pattern I made: Pink Breast.

Ohh and it’s only 78 days until x-mas and I have started planning and making some gifts! I have to say that I’m a bit proud of myself for being so much ahead of time ;)

Pink Breast!

I really love yarnstorming and last October, I breast yarnstormed to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I’ve made a Pink Breast crochet pattern!

Here it is and it doesn’t cost a krona:

Download Knitty Attitude Pink Breast – English version!

KnittyAttitude.Pink Breast ISL – á íslensku!