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Knitted gift… for me!

I don’t get many knitted gifts. That’s why I got super happy when my mum knitted these beautiful mittens and gave me when I graduated as a folklorist from the University of Iceland last Saturday.


Birthday knitting!

When I’m not super busy working and studying I like to knit gifts if there is an occasion coming up. My mother-in-law likes everything I knit and crochet (even the butt-ugly things I have made) so for her birthday this year I decided to knit her a shawl. I made her Haruni by Emily Ross  and she really loved it!

Pattern:  Haruni by Emily Ross
Yarn:  Evilla Artyarn 8/2, in white-to-dark-pink shade
Needles: 4.0 mm.
The shawl on Ravelry.

Christmas knitting

It may be a little to late to start knitting all Christmas presents now, unless you can knit 24/7 through December. But, you can always knit something cute to decorate your home or just for fun.

On Ravelry you can find a knit-along for an Advent Calendar Scarf where you get a little piece of the pattern every day until Christmas.

Drops Design has a Christmas Calendar where you can open one window per day. A good exercise for the impatient knitter ;)

For me, there won’t be much knitting until I’ve finished my exams on the 15th of December. I can’t wait! :)

Baby Surprise Jacket

I simply LOVE the Baby Surprise Jacket that Elizabeth Zimmermann designed in 1968. When you’ve gotten used to reading the instructions it’s simple and fun to knit and the result is brilliant! A piece that doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen turns into a beautiful baby jacket. I love to try it out with different types of yarn to make different sizes.

This is my latest BSJ, in blue and white for my newest nephew.

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Ístex Létt-Lopi
Needles:  4.5 mm.
My Little Blue BSJ on Ravelry.

Baby boots!

I have so many friends having babies these days! I love to knit gifts for newborns so the last few weeks I’ve been doing blankets and little caps. The other day I bought Ysolda’s books Whimsical little knits 1 and 2 and have since knitted the cutest baby booties I have ever seen. It’s a great project if you need a little gift and a perfect opportunity to show off cute little buttons you might have in your stash :)

Baby boots

Pattern:  Tiny shoes by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Ístex Kambgarn
Needles:  3.o mm.
My tiny little white shoes on Ravelry.

I also knitted a Bring-it-on-baby-blanket in bright “girlier” colors. I just love this pattern and to use bright colors!

Bring it on baby girl

Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
Yarn: Ístex Kambgarn
Needles: 6.0 mm.

My little girl blanket on Ravelry.

A little blanket

Just finished one Bring-it-on-baby blanket from and have casted on for another one! The one I finished is for a little boy due very soon.

This blanket is an easy – and yet so cute – pattern and with the gorgeus colors of the Ístex Kambgarn it’s pleasure to knit! Having 5 friends with babys on the way fast and beautiful knits are more than welcome :)

Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
Yarn: Ístex Kambgarn
Needles: 6.0 mm.

My little boy blanket on Ravelry.

Frost all done! :)

The traditional icelandic sweater I was making for a friend of mine is all done and shipped to USA!

Pattern:  Frost by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi 29
Yarn:  Álafoss lopi, same colors as in the pattern

A little close up on the finishing…

The handcrafted x-mas gifts…

So… I knitted and crochetted few gifts for this years and finally I can show you!

Crochet flowers brooches
Yarn: Ístex Kambarn (red, white and purple)
Hook: 3.5 mm.
Pattern: Found it on the internet and then lost it again…
Made for both of my grandmothers

Blaka (a small shawl)
Yarn: Ístex Einband (less than one skein for each shawl)
Needles: 4.5 mm.
Pattern: Blaka by Védís Jónsdóttir

Made for my cousin and grandmother. I have one left, I just couldn’t stop knitting this pattern!

Blaka – close up of the pattern. You can find more photos on my Raverly project site.

Cable mittens
Yarn:  Classy from Dream in Color
Needles: 4.0 mm.
Pattern: Basic cabled mittens
For my cousin.