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Winners of summer/birthday giveaway! :)

It’s my birthday so it’s time to find out who are the two winners of the summer/birthday giveaway!

Thanks to everybody that joined! :)

I used to find out the winners and it gave me the numbers 53 and 5.

So Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir and Drífa Pálín congratulations! You get to pick one skein of Eigingirni from this album :)

P.S. I recommend Mojito’s when having a birthday – SKÁL! :)

Summer / Birthday giveaway! :)

You like?! :)

Today is the first day of summer here in Iceland and my birthday is in next week so I’m giving away two skeins of gorgeous Eigingirni in a SUMMER / BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY :)

All you have to do is comment on this post before 8pm on the 28th of April and you’re in! On the 28th (my birthday! :) ) I will use to find two winners that will recieve one skein each from my Eigingirni-stash.

Don’t worry about shipping – in this giveaway I will ship anywhere in the world so the winner can enjoy his Eigingirni ;) And no, the winner does not have to pay for the shipping ;)

P.S. Eigingirni is my own hand dyed yarn. It’s icelandic wool, laceweight and perfect for shawls and smaller projects. It’s very warm and so light you wouldn’t believe it ;)  For now it’s only available to buy it in Iceland but for giveaways I ship anywhere :)

Eigingirni shawl

Just finished a shawl with my own hand dyed wool, Eigingirni (unfortunately only available in Iceland for now).

Pattern: Þríhyrna from the book Prjóniprjón.
Yarn: Eigingirni from Knitty Attitude, 50 gr.
Needles: 6.5 mm.

Eigingirni shawl on Ravelry and Flickr!

WHERE did January go?!

It feels like 2009 was just yesterday…  School is taking a lot of my time, but there’s always time for knitting ;)

Me and I had a little conversation yesterday about how we’d spend today. The options were many: study, read schoolbooks, do assignements for school, clean the apartment, knit, hand dye…

Of course I didn’t do what would have been smart to do or what absolutely HAS to be done… I hand dyed!  I just had few skeins but it turned out I was running out of color so that was ok. Unfortunately, I need batteries for my camera so you’ll just have to imagene that here is a photo of 7 wonderful hand dyed skeins ;)

I joined a mystery knit-a-long in the beginning of January. It started of with few left over skeins of Létt-Lopi and 4.5 mm. needles:

After the first clue, it looked like this and I had no clue what so ever where this was going:

And after 5 clues this is what I got: (with a little variation from myself…)

For more photos of this project, check it out on Ravelry ;)

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put buttons or crochet the edge or what…



When I was younger my mother was a part of a group of women that met over cakes and coffee and knitting/sewing.  The women took turns in hosting those nights and I remember the ones that were held at my place. I remember lots of cakes, chat and laughter.

Nights like this are quite common in Iceland, everybody know what “saumaklúbbur” is.

Last spring a friend of mine invited me to her knitting-club that met once a month.  Tonight is one of those nights!  I can’t wait to see the girls, eat alot, gossip, laugh and of course knit!

I’m planning on finishing my crazy colored shawl tonigh – if I won’t be too busy eating! ;)

P.s. Hand dyed 10 skeins yesterday! Hand dyeing  is addictive…!

Dyeing again!

I spent yesterday in the kitchen dyeing yarn.

I used yellow, red and green foodcolor, water and vinegar. I used the instructions on this site and tried both hot pour dye method and dip dye method.

This is the result:

You can visit my flickr site for more photos.