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We need to save the Icelandic Goat!

Me and Úa

This is me and Úa, my foster goat. She lives at Háafell farm in Iceland. The Icelandic Goat is in danger. There are less than 820 Icelandic goats left on the Earth and in September nearly 400 of them will be slaughtered. Why? The Háafell farm, the only surviving commercial goat farm in Iceland, will be put up for an auction.

There is a group of great people trying to save the Icelandic Goat from extiction. Check out the campaign on IndieGogo and help Save the Icelandic Goat from Extinction.

It’s all about spinning!

About two years ago I went to a class to learn to spin. It was three nights and we learned to handle the drop spindle and a spinning wheel. I didn’t get any good at it so I didn’t keep doing it.

My very first hand spun on a drop spindle, spun in 2009.
I don’t know how many times the spindle hit the floor but it was many…

My first spun and plied. I made this in the spinning class I took, spun in 2009.

This summer I met an awesome girl from New Hampshire and she filled me with spinning information and knowledge. Now, I can’t get enough of it! I’ve carded and spun Icelandic wool that I got from a friend as well as Icelandic wool I got from Þingborg, a wool collective here in Iceland. I’ve also spun merino wool and I plan on doing more of that as well the Icelandic wool.

Spun and plied Icelandic wool. Spun on a spinning wheel, August 2011.

Spun merino wool from Handspinner. Spun on a spinning wheel, August 2011.

A birthday gift

Inspired by the icelandic handball team, playing on EM in Austria, I knitted this hat for a birthday gift. It’s icelandic wool and the colors of the icelandic flag.

Pattern:  Dökk húfa úr tvöföldum plötulopa from the book Vettlingar og fleira.
I made up the fair isle part.
Yarn:  Plötulopi (unspun Icelandic wool), had 2 strands together.
Needles:  4.5 mm.

First project of 2010!

The first project of 2010 is a traditional icelandic sweater for my friend Rocky. I have both of the sleeves done. Hint if you don’t like knitting sleeves: Knit the second one first, it helps ;)

Pattern: Frost by Védís Jónsdóttir,  from Lopi 29
Yarn:  Álafoss Lopi
Needles:  4.5 mm. and 6.0 mm.

NB! There is an error in the pattern for the sleeves for the size small. It says CO 34 sts, knit 4 cm. of rib and then add 2 sts. Then you have total of 36 sts but the fair isle pattern requires number of sts you can divide with 8. So I casted on like it says for the size medium and adjusted the number of sts along the way. I ended up with 48 sts as told in the pattern.

Mittens !

In the past I have knitted mittens. Unfortuately I always made the mistake of knitting two right handed mittens. So my pairs of knitted mittens are all right handed. I haven’t found anybody with two right hands so I have a small stash of mittens…

BUT! Now I need to knit a pair of mittens, one of each: right and left handed. Why? Because I’m traveling abroad and I need an Icelandic gift for a lady that will be my host for three days. And what is more icelandic than traditional mittens made from lopi (Icelandic wool)?

I don’t have much time and I expect to knit 3 mittens (2 for the right hand, curse a little and then do the left one!) so I better start!


When I was younger my mother was a part of a group of women that met over cakes and coffee and knitting/sewing.  The women took turns in hosting those nights and I remember the ones that were held at my place. I remember lots of cakes, chat and laughter.

Nights like this are quite common in Iceland, everybody know what “saumaklúbbur” is.

Last spring a friend of mine invited me to her knitting-club that met once a month.  Tonight is one of those nights!  I can’t wait to see the girls, eat alot, gossip, laugh and of course knit!

I’m planning on finishing my crazy colored shawl tonigh – if I won’t be too busy eating! ;)

P.s. Hand dyed 10 skeins yesterday! Hand dyeing  is addictive…!

New yarn!

Eeek… just stopped by in my local yarn store and bought a little yarn. I mean, you always need a little more yarn!

Bought these delicious new colors of icelandic Einband.

It’s laceweight 2 ply wool and I love it for scarfs and shawls! I’m going to make a striped shawl out og few of the colors… I’m thinking orange, lime, pink and blue! Or yellow and green colors! I’ll just make many so I can use all the colors! ;)

I also bougt 3 skeins of Fritidsgarn from SandnesGarn. It’s 100% pure new wool and I’m thinking about making a scarf with big needles. I need something brainless to knit over the tv!