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In the first months of 2014 I promised myself to write down everything I’d craft in the year and make a fancy list of if by the end of the year. I made a list of almost everything I did and tried to put it all up on Ravelry with photos. However, some pairs of socks and mittens were missed by the camera and it’s not a complete list for the year as I’m definitely forgetting something…

So here it is, in no particular order:


Baby set for the wee one; a sweater, hat and socks

Ysolda’s MKAL shawl

A green BSJ

A purple BSJ

Striped socks

Kenzie shawl

And… loads of mittens, socks and hats for the kids.


A blanket for the wee one

 Herðubreið shawl

 Blanket for a new nephew

Jóhanna af Örk hat/cowl


I’m setting the goal for even more crafting in 2015!

Mittens completed!

Spent yesterday afternoon and evening knitting THE mittens. I decided to fool myself so I started on the left one, clever clever! Around midnight two Lopi mittens were done and waiting to dry!


In about 13 hours I will be in a bus with my students (that will soon become my former students!) on our way to Denmark. It’s their graduation trip and the last thing I will do as their teacher. I will take the mittens with me as a gift to a woman that will be my host for 3 nights.

So… until next Friday I’ll be in Denmark enjoying myself in the sun (22°C… a “little” warmer than it has been in Iceland last few days…), knitting outside some cafés while my students spend their summer salaries and ride the roller-coasters in Tivoli. I won’t be able to blog so I thought I’d show you some fun websites and podcasts so you won’t miss me to much ;)

Podcasts are brilliant! You can listen to it whenever you want and it’s a great entertainment while knitting!

The electric sheep is my favorite podcast! If you have iTunes you can subscribe to the podcast there, for free of course. If not you can find all the episodes here (the older ones) and here (the newer ones). You can also find the Electric sheep on Twitter!

Yknit is another podcast I enjoy. It’s so alive and fresh! You can download the podcast here.

Mittens !

In the past I have knitted mittens. Unfortuately I always made the mistake of knitting two right handed mittens. So my pairs of knitted mittens are all right handed. I haven’t found anybody with two right hands so I have a small stash of mittens…

BUT! Now I need to knit a pair of mittens, one of each: right and left handed. Why? Because I’m traveling abroad and I need an Icelandic gift for a lady that will be my host for three days. And what is more icelandic than traditional mittens made from lopi (Icelandic wool)?

I don’t have much time and I expect to knit 3 mittens (2 for the right hand, curse a little and then do the left one!) so I better start!