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2010 in knitting

Here is a list of some of the projects I knitted in the year 2010, somewhere between getting married, working, studying and moving :)

For photos – click here :)

Frost for Rocky – Traditional Icelandic sweater made for my friend Rocky.
Pattern: Frost by Védís Jónsdóttir published in the book Lopi 29.
This project on Ravelry.

Chunky hug – a big wrap made from Bulky lopi, Icelandic wool.
Pattern: Klukkuprjónsslá from the book Prjónaperlur.
This project on Ravelry.

Mystery KAL – mystery knit-along.
Pattern: Found somewhere on the web.
This project on Ravelry.

Icelandic hat – birthday gift for a friend.
Pattern: Húfa úr tvöföldum plötulopa from the book Vettlingar og fleira. Fair isle part made up along the way.
This project on Ravelry.

Little pink BSJ – the first garment I make from Eigingirni – MyOwnYarn/EgoYarn hand dyed by myself.
Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabet Zimmermann.
This project on Ravelry.

Vest goes retro – A retro vest made from my stash.
Pattern: Vesti goes hipp from the book Prjóniprjón.
This project on Ravelry.

Fire shawl – A simple shawl knitted from my own hand dyed wool, Eigingirni.
Pattern: Þríhyrna from the book Prjóniprjón.
This project on Ravelry.

Skjól – Cowl, knitted from my hand dyed wool, Eigingirni.
Pattern: My own design, published in the book Fleiri Prjónaperlur.
This project is not yet on Ravelry.

Little boy blanket – A warm baby blanket made for my friends little newborn.
Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
This project on Ravelry.

Little blue BSJ – A BSJ in blue.
Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabet Zimmermann.
This project on Ravelry.

Little baby caps – Caps for newborns.
Pattern: Kvenfélagshúfan.
This project on Ravelry.

Little girl blanket – A baby blanket.
Pattern: Bring-it-on-baby blanket from
This project on Ravelry.

Tiny baby shoes – Tiny shoes with the cutest buttons ever!
Pattern: Tiny Shoes by Ysolda Teague
This project on Ravelry.

Krílapeysa – Little “lopapeysa” for my little nephew.
Patten:  Íslensk/færeysk krílapeysa by Erla Sigurlaug, published in the book Fleiri Prjónaperlur.
This project on Ravelry.

All that yarn and so little time…

Last August I travelled to Berlin with my husband for our honeymoon. We spent 10 days in this beautiful city and I found a yarn shop! Well, of course I had googled it, marked it on my google calendar and memorized which underground to take… ;)

handmade BERLIN is a yarn shop located in Auguststraße 91 (nearest underground: Oranienburger Tor). It has a good variety of nice yarn: wool, silk, cashmere…

I could have spent a whole day there! Bought a little yarn for my stash:

From top: Millamia, Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, Artesano hummingbird and Debbie Bliss pure silk.

Just after we came home from Berlin I received a package from an American friend. And guess what… it was yarn! :)

Imperial wool, hand dyed Pico Accuardi, hand-dyeing tutorial and loads of Kool-Aid.

I’ve put all my new yarn in my yarn-cabinet that is now full. I’m going to have to buy a new one!

The last hours of 2009…

I am going to spend today knitting! The last day of 2009 has arrived, isn’t that amazing?! Time has flown away so fast!!

New Year’s resolution? YES! I am going to knit more, hand dye more and design more!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! Look forward to a new year full of yarn, spinning, knitting dyeing and getting inspiration.

I think 2010 is going to be a great year!

Knitting madness…!

Ok. Why didn’t anybody tell me to start knitting x-mas gifts in July. Seriously, WHY?!  Ok… to be fair the Electric sheep podcast from Hoxton Handmade did warn me… but you know how it is ;)  (btw. I know I have said it at least once but I’ll say it again and again and again:  Electric sheep is an AWESOME podcast! ;) )

Anyway, x-mas knitting: extreme version has been going on lately, will post pictures of that later. I have finished all the knitted gifts for this year but I’m knitting for a friend that arrives on the 27th so I still have some gift-knitting to do.

I’ll spend x-mas at my parents with my fiancé so I’m packing. Here, I’m trying to cumulate all the stuff I have to take with me… this is about half of it.

It’s going to be niiiiiiice ;)

In case this is the last post for x-mas I wish you all happy holidays! ;)

My oh my…!

No time for blogging… I’m (supposed to be!!!) readin for my exams. On the side I’ve been knitting christmas gifts so I can’t share them with you until after christmas…

I will come back in mid December.

Until then I’ll have my nose stuck in the books thinking about all the beautiful things I’m going to knit when I’m done with the exams!! ;)