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Vesti goes hipp… finally! ;)

So… I made it! I finished to knit my huff-vest mentioned earlier!

Weaving ends is not my favorite thing in knitting…
there 128 ends to weave in!
Note to self: NO MORE striped 10 color garments!

Vesti goes hipp from the book Prjóniprjón
Yarn:  Létt-Lopi, left over yarn
Needles:  3,5 mm. and 4,5 mm.

Autumn knits!

Autumn is here! There is no way for me not to notice as the rain has been poring down for a week now. I love the autumn, it’s cozy and for me it means new beginning. I started reading folklore at the University of Iceland in the beginning of September and now my days are full of folklore (they were before, I just didn’t know it! ;) ) and knitting. And a little Bubbles. Just a little… ;)

I have great friends that moved to Iceland one year ago. Me and my boyfriend are going to visit them tomorrow and I will bring this:

A little winter package

Lopi hats for the whole family :)

(Let’s hope they won’t read the blog before we arrive!)

Recently finished projects ;)

I finished three projects the other day and now they are all washed and ready to use:

First there is a scarf from Noro Kureyon on 4.5 mm. needles. I used 3 skeins and it turn out to be 166 cm. long. More photos on my Flickr and the pattern (very simple!) can be found on Ravelry. I haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to keep it or give it away…

These two Lopi hats are gifts. There made with two threads of unspun icelandic wool (plötulopi) on 4.5mm. needles. The pattern is originally from the book Vettlingar og fleira but I made up the fair isle work myself.

On the needles at this very moment are two more Lopi hats (they are great for the icelandic winter ;) ).  I just might chrochet something in the nearest future, I can feel my chrochet-fingers itch…