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Udderly beautiful!

It was a still, beautiful April morning, a great day for a yarnstorm!

Skagafjörður, where I am from, is known for its horses and good singers. There is a statue of a horse in my hometown, Sauðárkrókur. I thought it might need a little… wooly touch.

The statue is located in the middle of the town.

There are not really many people around at 6am.

My (not so afraid of heights) extra set of hands taking care of things.

Udder needs to be fastened!

Udderly beautiful!

Proud  udder owner!


For the biggest part of my childhood I grew up in Sauðárkrókur, a small town in north Iceland. When going there for a little holiday I wanted to show my graditude to the town that raised me (doesn’t it say that it takes a village to raise a child?) and leave a little wooly goodness.

Being six months pregnant makes yarnstorming a little challenging…

The beautiful islands out on the fjord Skagafjörður, Málmey on the left and Þórðarhöfði cape
(not really an island unless there is high tide) on the right. The third one, Drangey,
sometimes called the Queen of Skagafjörður, is missing in action.

Adding the tag…

Ta da! 

Pink Breast!

I really love yarnstorming and last October, I breast yarnstormed to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I’ve made a Pink Breast crochet pattern!

Here it is and it doesn’t cost a krona:

Download Knitty Attitude Pink Breast – English version!

KnittyAttitude.Pink Breast ISL – á íslensku!

Monogamous knitter?

I’m far from being the monogamous knitter. I started out as one but knitting a project that makes you lose your knitting mojo is just not satisfying in the long run. I decided that life is too short to knit things you don’t like.

My argument for knitting many things at one time is that it’s practical. I’m usually working on some pattern that I can’t easily travel with or can’t knit while interacting with people, so that automatically becomes my “knitting at home” project. Then I need something I can take with me to knitting clubs, meetings or cafés and can knit while talking to people.

Ok. You might say that I have a case of the startitis. A bad one! But at least I try to justify it :)

So, what am I knitting now?

The royal blanket for our baby, expected this summer. This one I can’t travel with and I’m no fun talking to while knitting it!

A striped sweater, also for the baby, but I don’t like how the pattern turns out. It’s an old pattern of an open sweater, knitted lengthwise from one front to the other using short rows for shaping. It’s in two colors which gives the sweater a cute striped look. However there is no wrapping and turning or any other method to avoid the tiny holes when you do the short rows and the way the different colors twist at the turns really bothers me. And there is no way I’ll dress my baby in a sweater that gets on my nerves so I’m frogging this one, using the yarn for a hat or mittens. Or tiny shoes!

A little baby hat, my own design. I’m having a little fitting tonight and hopefully I can photograph it on the model. Then I just need to finish the pattern and publish it!

A sweater, also my own design. It’s on the “sketching, calculating and gauging” stage but will soon develop into the “writing the pattern and knitting the first prototype” stage. I’m very excited about that one.

A Mini sweater. The pattern is Mini by Else Schjellerup. I fell hard for this pattern and the yarn is a gorgeous silk/merino blend from Design.Club.Dk. I mean, look at it:

Ok, I’ll admit it: I haven’t cast on the Mini Sweater just yet, but I’m winding it up in a ball right now and THEN I’m casting on!

Knitted gift… for me!

I don’t get many knitted gifts. That’s why I got super happy when my mum knitted these beautiful mittens and gave me when I graduated as a folklorist from the University of Iceland last Saturday.


Knitting for babies

I’ve knitted many sweaters, hats and blankets for newborn babies of friends and family. This year, I’m knitting for my own baby, due this summer. I want my knits to be nearly perfect: Nice, good quality yarn, nicely knitted etc. But knitting for your first child tunes up the need for perfection. Because of that I have now frogged a week’s worth of knitting, because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. It was not a major mistake, it was only a tiny matter that I doubt people would have noticed. But it’s a blanket for my own baby and it shall be perfect!

So on the knitting needles now is the baby blanket “Det hele kongerige”. It’s a blanket that babies in the Danish Royal family get when born. Here are the twins of Mary and Frederik wrapped in the blanket:

I’m using Dale Baby Ull, it’s really soft and nice. Here is the pattern on Ravelry. I will of course post mine when it’s ready :)

And… we’re having a boy :)

Sheep bump yarnstorm!

For some people, the location of yarn graffiti is everything. When I saw this “ristahlið” (yes, that’s Icelandic and I have no idea what it’s called in English so from now on, this is a sheep bump, courtesy of my husband) I knew it was a place for a yarnstorm.

So I yarnstormed!

Making the world prettier, one sheep bump at a time ;)

Probably not the best working conditions for a pregnant woman with hip pain
but when you feel the need to yarnstorm there is no stopping you…

Don’t mind me, I’m just… eh… stitchin’

And we’re done!

All done!


Pathological yarnstorming ;)

I wanted to yarnstorm but I didn’t know where. So I told my husband we were going for a drive. We ended up at Keldur – Institute for Experimental Pathology, University of Iceland. And I made it a little furrier. And warmer.

Starting the stitching…

Almost there… thank Odinn for the mitts!

Putting my tag on.
Thank you Anne for this great design and thanks Sarah for the help!

Ta-da! A little yarnstorm to make the world a little warmer :)

Yarn and the city: Craft in street art

I’m graduating with my BA degree in folklore from the University of Iceland this February. It was clear to me from the beginning that my thesis would have something to do with yarn and after a little thought on the matter I decided to write about yarn graffiti. The thesis is called, in English, Yarn and the city: Craft in street art. It is written in Icelandic but don’t worry, there will be an article about it one day, in English.

To celebrate, I yarnstormed outside the National and University Library of Iceland, where my thesis is kept.

The National and University Library of Iceland stores all of our literary goodies. And my thesis ;)

Good mitts are crucial when yarnstorming in Iceland in February…

If you look closely (or not so closely) you can see Hallgrímskirkja (the big church downtown Reykjavík)…

All done!

Knitty Attitude was here!

Hello 2012!

Exciting year this 2012!

In the end of 2010 I made fiber related resolutions for the year 2011:

Among my knitting new year’s resolutions is to knit more than I frog (that’s going to be a challenge…), knit socks for the first time and design something wonderful! And try to make room in my stash cabinet… for a new stash of course ;)

1. Knit more than I frog: Can’t say that happened…

2. Knit socks for the first time: I made it toe up to the heel and then gave up. I guess I’ll have to knit my first pair of socks in 2012!

3. Design something wonderful: On it…

4. Make room in my stash cabinet… for new stash: Ehh… let’s just say that I enlarged my stash keeping area so the cabinet is still full and some other places too…


So the fiber resolutions for 2012 are… drumroll:

1. Knit socks!

2. Spin more!

3. Knit more!

4. Design more!

5. Yarnstorm more!

In 2012 I will, besides all the fiber related fun I will get my Bachelor degree in folklore from the University of Iceland. My thesis was about yarn graffiti. I will also become a mom! Me and my husband are expecting our first child this summer. So you can guess what kind of knitted garments will be on my needles the next few months ;)