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October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

One year ago I did a Breast Yarnstorm to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, I’m doing it a little differently but the pink boob is of course part of it!

So let me introduce… *drum roll* …BOOB ON THE GO!

1st of October: Tindastóll, Drangey, Boob and Þórðarhöfði in Skagafjörður, Iceland


Boob will be on the go all through October just to remind us all how important Breast Cancer Awareness is. Be sure to go regularly for a check up!


[If you want to crochet a pink boob for Breast Cancer Awareness month or any other occasion that needs a pink boob (you’d be surprised how many times a pink boob comes in handy…) here’s a free pattern I made: Pink Breast!]

Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers: Second Mission

Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers went for their second mission yesterday and the magnificent piece was released into the wild today to celebrate Culture Night in Reykjavík.

How beautiful are these seats?

The Reykjavík City logo

More photos on Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers and you can also like Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers on Facebook!

Yarnstorm coming up…

Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers are heading to their biggest yarnstorm yet. It’s going to be big and moving. Don’t miss it!

An owlie sweater

I love owls. They just look so cute and smart. So knitting an owlie sweater for my little son was great fun!

Pattern: No. 41 from the knitting magazine Ungbarnablaðið Tinna no.13
Yarn: Lanett
Needles: 3.0 mm. and 3.5 mm.
The Owlie sweater on Ravelry

The Danish Royal Baby Blanket

When I got pregnant I decided to knit a blanket that had been a favorite of mine for a long time: Babysvøbet – Det hele kongerige! by Marianne Knorborg. It took me from January to the end of April to finish the whole thing. I technically knit the inner border 6 times as I decided, after knitting two sides, that I wanted the lace to be more open.

So I went up a needle size, frogged the already knit borders and knit all four of them again. I’m really happy with the result! The outer border took the longest and the blocking was a bit tricky. But with great help from the husband and my new blocking wires (LOVE THEM!) it “only” took an hour and a whole room in the apartment!

I’m never blocking a huge piece like this without blocking wires…

Size before blocking: 100 cm x 100 cm

The borders drape pretty nicely.

PatternBabysvøbet – Det hele kongerige by Marianne Knorborg
Yarn: Dalegarn BabyUll
Needles: 3.5 mm. and 4.5 mm.
The whole kingdom on Ravelry

Gavstrik – Nordic knitting symposium

Gavstrik – Nordic knitting symposium was held in the town of Borgarnes in West Iceland this week. I drove up there yesterday and gave a presentation about yarn graffiti for 100+ knitters. I really enjoyed it and I hope that I have inspired some knitters to yarnstorm.

Here I am, talking about my thesis in folklore: Yarn and the city: Craft in street art.

And of course I couldn’t leave a knitting conference where I talked about yarn graffiti without leaving a little demonstration…

For the first time in my yarnstorming career I was busted in action and photographed….

Well, hello world!

I spent the beginning of summer being very, very pregnant. I also lost my knitting mojo somewhere on the way so there wasn’t much going on in that department. It was a very hot June here in Iceland which makes knitting with wool very warm and sticky. But at the end of June, when my due date was just around the corner I decided to take matter into my own hands. I didn’t want to start waiting for the arrival of the little one so I started to knit him a sweater to wear on the way from the hospital. That way, each day waiting became another day spent knitting to get the job done!

I finished the sweater. And a little baby cap. I managed to knit one sock but then my little one decided it was time to join us here in the outer world ;)

In the middle of the night on the 6th of July me and my husband became parents to a beautiful baby boy whom we named Draupnir. Here is a photo of him on his way home from the hospital.

Pattern: No. 41 from the knitting magazine Ungbarnablaðið Tinna no.13
Yarn: Lanett
Needles: 3.0 mm. and 3.5 mm.
The Owlie sweater on Ravelry

Baby cap
Pattern: Classical baby cap, pattern can be found in Icelandic here.
Yarn: Lanett
Needles: 2.5 mm.

Pattern: Babysvøbet – Det hele kongerige by Marianne Knorborg
Yarn: Dalegarn BabyUll
Needles: 3.5 mm. and 4.5 mm.
The whole kingdom on Ravelry

Borgarnes yarnstorm!

Borgarnes is a little town in the West part of Iceland. Near Borgarnes there is even a smaller town called Varmaland. Ok, it’s not a town, it’s probably not even a village. There are a few houses, a school and a sport center with a full size swimming pool. And in Iceland when we say a few houses, we really mean few. Like 15 to 20 houses.

I lived in this cute little place Varmaland for two years. It was there were I first yarnstormed. When I lived there I was invited to a knitting club of seven magnificent women and when I moved away I just couldn’t stop seeing them. So every three weeks or so we meet up, some of us do some crafting, others don’t and we chat and eat cake. Lots of cake!

Yesterday was one of those nights and I decided that Borgarnes really needed a little yarnstrom. So I gave it a little wooly touch, right on the main street.

The main street in Borgarnes, Borgarbraut.


Careful! Yarnstormer crossing.


Yarnstorming on the first day of summer!

Today is the first day of summer in Iceland. According to the old calendar we used in Iceland before we took up the Gregorian calendar the first day of summer is the first day of the month Harpa. It’s a public holiday and always on a Thursday someday between 19th. and 25th. of April.

Today I decided to celebrate summer my own way. Took my yarnstorming bag, the camera and the driver/photographer/husband and went for a drive. The weather was gorgeous so we drove to Grótta. Grótta has a cute lighthouse and the view over Snæfellsjökull glacier and Snæfellsnes peninsula was just magnificent. Snæfellsjökull is a volcano covered by a glacier. It’s the actual place where they entered the ground in Jules Verne’s story, A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

As soon as I saw a huge anchor I knew this was it.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever yarnstormed with such magnificent background!
Grótta lighthouse and Snæfellsjökull glacier.


Mount Esja is also pretty good in the background.
And notice the biker resting by the shore.
I didn’t see him until halfway into the stitching.

Attaching my tag.


Grótta Lighthouse, a yarnstormed anchor and Snæfellsjökull glacier.


Happy summer!

Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers

I had never yarnstormed in a group before but last Tuesday night I did. There is a group of sneaky stitchers called Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers and I’m one of them. We went out on the town and dressed some of Reykjavík’s statues.

The statue I chose was very personal for me. It’s outside the maternity ward at the National Hospital and called Mother and child. There was just something so right about being 6+ months pregnant, dressing up a statue of a child in the famous Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann outside the place you’re going to give birth this summer.

The statue is called Mother and child and was made by Tove Ólafsson in 1979.
Tove was born in 1909.

Outside the maternity ward at the National Hospital in Reykjavík.

The Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
is a perfect match for the little baby.

Check out the Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers page for more photos from the group’s first yarnstorm. Oh, and be sure to stay tuned, there are more coming…