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We need to save the Icelandic Goat!

Me and Úa

This is me and Úa, my foster goat. She lives at Háafell farm in Iceland. The Icelandic Goat is in danger. There are less than 820 Icelandic goats left on the Earth and in September nearly 400 of them will be slaughtered. Why? The Háafell farm, the only surviving commercial goat farm in Iceland, will be put up for an auction.

There is a group of great people trying to save the Icelandic Goat from extiction. Check out the campaign on IndieGogo and help Save the Icelandic Goat from Extinction.

Hello world!

It’s almost July and we have not seen the summer here in Reykjavík, Iceland. We did have a good spring though so I’m not complaining over the weather… yet ;)

This spring, on the 24th of March me and my husband became parents to a beautiful baby girl whom we named Urður. Here is a photo of her on her way home from the hospital.

2014-03-25 13.49.53

Sweater and socks
Pattern: My own design. Will be published later.
Yarn: Lanett

Baby cap
Pattern: Classical baby cap, pattern can be found in Icelandic here
Yarn: Lanett
Needles: 2.5 mm.

PatternBabysvøbet – Det hele kongerige by Marianne Knorborg
Yarn: Dalegarn BabyUll
Needles: 3.5 mm. and 4.5 mm.
The whole kingdom on Ravelry

February is for finishing!

I can’t believe it’s February already!

I just finished this blanket for the wee one, due in March. It took me days to find THE pattern but I found it! It was my first crochet square project and I really enjoyed it.

Blanket for wee one #2

Blanket for wee one #2

Blanket for wee one #2

Blanket for wee one #2
Yarn: Istex Kambgarn, 100% merino wool
Crochet needle: 3.5 mm (Clover Amour – LOVE IT!)
Blanket for my girl on Ravelry.

Well hello 2014!

I love doing lists of all kinds of things and I got super inspired by a list of FO’s made by my friend Linda. I started my own but I felt overwhelmed so I stopped and promised myself to make my “crafted in 2014” list as I go…

However, I love looking back. On January 1st 2013 I wrote:

“What a year 2012 was! The highlight was without a doubt giving birth to my first, Draupnir, and get to know him. He’s a fantastic little boy, charming and happy. I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for my little family.”

Well…2013 was a blast! Watching my son grow and learn is amazing and he is always the same charming happy boy. In 2013 it was clear that the little family was growing bigger and in 2014 we’re having a baby girl! Exciting times ahead!

In the blog post from January 1st 2013 I also shared some crafty resolutions with you, let’s see how I did:

Crafty resolutions for 2013 – How did I do?

1. Finish and publish a pattern that I’m working on at the moment. – CHECK! This year I published my Mia Baby Blanket and my Jasmin socks! :)

2. Design and publish a pattern for a children sweater (at least one!) – NOT CHECK!  However, I have few design and I’m going to try to make it a whole book!

3. Design and knit or crochet mittens, hats and socks for Draupnir as he grows. – CHECK! Mostly hats though :)

4. Knit myself something really beautiful and nice! – CHECK! I crochet myself a shawl and a cowl/cap.

So bring on 2014 with all its glory – it’s going to be super!

No more tangled headphones!

I love my headphones but I hate when they get all tangled up and it takes precious minutes (that could be spent knitting!) to untangle them. So I crochet the cord and now I have yarn-cover headphones that don’t tangle!

Groovy headphonesYarn: Hjertegarn Sock 4
Crochet needle: 1.75 mm.
Groovy headphones on Ravelry.

It’s October again!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In October 2011 I did a breast yarnstorm outside the The Icelandic Cancer Society.

In October 2012 I took “the travelling boob” with me everywhere I went and made a series that I called Boob on the go.

I have not planned anything for this October but if you want to yarnbomb with boobies, here is a free pattern I made: Pink Breast.

Ohh and it’s only 78 days until x-mas and I have started planning and making some gifts! I have to say that I’m a bit proud of myself for being so much ahead of time ;)

My first sock pattern: Jasmin!

I’ve been terrified of knitting socks for years. The thought of making the heel and grafting two toes was more than I could bare. But then I found out you could knit socks from the toe up. And then I saw all the beautiful sock yarn you can buy…

So I started knitting socks. AND I HAVEN’T STOPPED!

I made the Jasmin socks with a special person in mind; a talented girl that I’m so lucky to know. She is also bright and vibrant; just like the colours of the socks!

And because this is my first sock pattern to be published, It’s free through May 2013! Just head on over to my Ravelry shop and download your copy!*

Hope you enjoy the Jasmin socks, I loved knitting them!

*Please note that even though I’m giving you this pattern now it is still under copyright and does not give you permission to distribute it, not now or after May 31st when I start selling it.