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It’s all about spinning!

About two years ago I went to a class to learn to spin. It was three nights and we learned to handle the drop spindle and a spinning wheel. I didn’t get any good at it so I didn’t keep doing it.

My very first hand spun on a drop spindle, spun in 2009.
I don’t know how many times the spindle hit the floor but it was many…

My first spun and plied. I made this in the spinning class I took, spun in 2009.

This summer I met an awesome girl from New Hampshire and she filled me with spinning information and knowledge. Now, I can’t get enough of it! I’ve carded and spun Icelandic wool that I got from a friend as well as Icelandic wool I got from Þingborg, a wool collective here in Iceland. I’ve also spun merino wool and I plan on doing more of that as well the Icelandic wool.

Spun and plied Icelandic wool. Spun on a spinning wheel, August 2011.

Spun merino wool from Handspinner. Spun on a spinning wheel, August 2011.

All that yarn and so little time…

Last August I travelled to Berlin with my husband for our honeymoon. We spent 10 days in this beautiful city and I found a yarn shop! Well, of course I had googled it, marked it on my google calendar and memorized which underground to take… ;)

handmade BERLIN is a yarn shop located in Auguststraße 91 (nearest underground: Oranienburger Tor). It has a good variety of nice yarn: wool, silk, cashmere…

I could have spent a whole day there! Bought a little yarn for my stash:

From top: Millamia, Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, Artesano hummingbird and Debbie Bliss pure silk.

Just after we came home from Berlin I received a package from an American friend. And guess what… it was yarn! :)

Imperial wool, hand dyed Pico Accuardi, hand-dyeing tutorial and loads of Kool-Aid.

I’ve put all my new yarn in my yarn-cabinet that is now full. I’m going to have to buy a new one!

Oh how soft the silk is!

I’ve been knitting alot with lopi (Icelandic wool) lately so I decided to try something else. I bought 2 wonderful skeins of Debbi Bliss Pure Silk and my oh my… they are sooo soft!

Look! Ain’t they pretty?

Debbie Bliss Pure Silk
Colors no. 27014 (blue) and 27029 (purple)

From these wonderful skeins I’m going to knit baby hats, the devil/helmet types.

Dyeing again!

I spent yesterday in the kitchen dyeing yarn.

I used yellow, red and green foodcolor, water and vinegar. I used the instructions on this site and tried both hot pour dye method and dip dye method.

This is the result:

You can visit my flickr site for more photos.

New yarn!

Eeek… just stopped by in my local yarn store and bought a little yarn. I mean, you always need a little more yarn!

Bought these delicious new colors of icelandic Einband.

It’s laceweight 2 ply wool and I love it for scarfs and shawls! I’m going to make a striped shawl out og few of the colors… I’m thinking orange, lime, pink and blue! Or yellow and green colors! I’ll just make many so I can use all the colors! ;)

I also bougt 3 skeins of Fritidsgarn from SandnesGarn. It’s 100% pure new wool and I’m thinking about making a scarf with big needles. I need something brainless to knit over the tv!