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The never-ending project…

My knitting days are haunted by a never ending project!

I bet most of you have been in my shoes (or knitting needles…). I started this beautiful sweater for myself, full of knitting energy! Then I had to frog. A lot. But I kept knitting! Knit, knit, frog, knit, knit, frog…

As I finally saw that I might be able to finish it I noticed a HUGE error about a thousand rows ago.  I started counting to ten…  Then decided to finish the darn thing and correct it afterwards. No, I just have to finish a “few” rows before I can start the correcting bit and THEN I can weave in ends, block and wear.

That is… if I won’t cut it to million little pieces first!

On the bride side: I’m getting married next month! :)

Spring is here! :)

I think the spring has arrived here in Iceland. At least in my part of town ;)

I KNOW my birthday isn’t until the 28th (and that day I have a really big test… great timing!) BUT I opened one present today! I joined a Birthday Swap on Ravelry and was paired up with a girl that lives in Italy ans has the same birthda. Today I got my present and just needed to get a little brake from things so I opened it and BOY did it make my day!

Look at all the goodies I got:

In the package was:

Benissimo – a magazine I don’t understand a word in but that doesn’t matter, I understand knitting ;)
2 skeins of Needful Yarns, wool.
1 skein oh-so-beautiful handpainted wool from Fyberspates  (oh my the colors! :) )
1 skein kettle dyed Malabrigo yarn (oh boy do I look forward to knit with this yarn!)
6 handmade stitch markers
soak fiber washing “soap”
2 plates of chocolate mmm…
pink pen
lip balm
Weleda cream (I’m guessing sun cream :D)
A birthday card

Thank you Azzuka! :)

WHERE did January go?!

It feels like 2009 was just yesterday…  School is taking a lot of my time, but there’s always time for knitting ;)

Me and I had a little conversation yesterday about how we’d spend today. The options were many: study, read schoolbooks, do assignements for school, clean the apartment, knit, hand dye…

Of course I didn’t do what would have been smart to do or what absolutely HAS to be done… I hand dyed!  I just had few skeins but it turned out I was running out of color so that was ok. Unfortunately, I need batteries for my camera so you’ll just have to imagene that here is a photo of 7 wonderful hand dyed skeins ;)

I joined a mystery knit-a-long in the beginning of January. It started of with few left over skeins of Létt-Lopi and 4.5 mm. needles:

After the first clue, it looked like this and I had no clue what so ever where this was going:

And after 5 clues this is what I got: (with a little variation from myself…)

For more photos of this project, check it out on Ravelry ;)

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put buttons or crochet the edge or what…


The last hours of 2009…

I am going to spend today knitting! The last day of 2009 has arrived, isn’t that amazing?! Time has flown away so fast!!

New Year’s resolution? YES! I am going to knit more, hand dye more and design more!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! Look forward to a new year full of yarn, spinning, knitting dyeing and getting inspiration.

I think 2010 is going to be a great year!

Knitting madness…!

Ok. Why didn’t anybody tell me to start knitting x-mas gifts in July. Seriously, WHY?!  Ok… to be fair the Electric sheep podcast from Hoxton Handmade did warn me… but you know how it is ;)  (btw. I know I have said it at least once but I’ll say it again and again and again:  Electric sheep is an AWESOME podcast! ;) )

Anyway, x-mas knitting: extreme version has been going on lately, will post pictures of that later. I have finished all the knitted gifts for this year but I’m knitting for a friend that arrives on the 27th so I still have some gift-knitting to do.

I’ll spend x-mas at my parents with my fiancé so I’m packing. Here, I’m trying to cumulate all the stuff I have to take with me… this is about half of it.

It’s going to be niiiiiiice ;)

In case this is the last post for x-mas I wish you all happy holidays! ;)

My oh my…!

No time for blogging… I’m (supposed to be!!!) readin for my exams. On the side I’ve been knitting christmas gifts so I can’t share them with you until after christmas…

I will come back in mid December.

Until then I’ll have my nose stuck in the books thinking about all the beautiful things I’m going to knit when I’m done with the exams!! ;)

Knitting club!

Unfortunately I don’t hate my friend Maria. If I would, I would give her my ugliest FO from last post for christmas! (See comments to last post if you don’t understand this…)

BUT on with the post…

It’s knitting club night at my place tonight!  What does that mean? It means að group of wonderful girls, cinnabons, knitting and talking. And laughing. Alot!

So cinnabons? After black smoke, a smoke detector going insane and a black oven I decided that I was better at knitting than baking. Luckily, the cinnabons turned out ok, don’t they look delicious?!


Secret knitting…

These days I’m knitting christmas presents so I can’t post photos of that on the blog. But… instead I bring you this:


How to:  Break meringue in the bottom, put whippet cream on and fruits and chocolate on the top. Eat and be prepared to eat “a little” to much ;)  (It’s good to put the whippet cream on the meringue and let it wait for couple of hours, it’s softens the meringue).

I LOVE this thing, it’s easy to make and tastes like heaven!

But on the knitting side:  The Newborn baby afghan knits up slowly but surely. I have to finish it soon because the baby is due in 4 weeks!

Hey, did I tell you that I’m going to learn to spin on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel in November? I will! You will hear more about that later ;)

A book!

My mum is a knitter – a good one! She was travelling abroad and I asked her to buy me a knitting book. When she came home she gave me this book:

It’s a brilliant one! Full of “how-to’s”, a lot of photos explaining everything! I’ve looked through it a couple of times and it gets better each time! Excellent for an Icelander knitting in English ;)

Treasure swap!

I joined a Treasure Swap on Ravelry and my first time participating was in September. For those who are not familiar with swaps:  It’s a group of people that sign up for a swap. The group is divided to pairs and each person needs to find things to send to their partner. In the swap I joined there is a list of things you are supposed to send to your partner, for example: yarn, knitted goods, hot drink, pattern and so on.

So… I spent September picking things for my partner, looking out for colors I knew she likes and trying to find something that I would love to recieve.  In the end of September I sent the package off and today I recieved mine!

AND HOLY YARN!!! It’s was packed with goods!

(sorry about the darkness of the photo… I was just in a hurry
to take a photo before the cat eats the chocolate… ehm…)

SO in the parcel (and on the photo) was:

Knitting magazine.
Rowan from kids to teens magazine
2 skeins Classy from Dream in Color, one blue-ish, one green-ish (lighter than they seem on the photo)
A calender for 2010 with wonderful photos.
Tapestry needle set
very cheerful measurement tape for cm. and inches
stitch markers
magnetic page clips with beautiful pictures
gourmet hot cocoa mixes with various flavors
a letter from my partner in the swap