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Women’s Day Off

On the 24th of October 1975, 30.000 Icelandic women took the day off to demand equal pay. This year, women are walking out of their jobs at 14.38 (2.38 pm). Why at that time? Because women still get paid around 20% less than men when all other variables have been taken in consideration. Are we 20% less worthy? Hell no!

I’ve had this piece for graffiti for quite some time now. It’s knit by my mom but she wasn’t happy with it and was going to throw it away. No way mom – it’s graffiti material! So I took it under my wing and have been waiting for the perfect occasion.

Today – when Icelandic women walk out of their jobs at 14.38 was the perfect timing. It was also a great opportunity to talk about equality and art in the public space with my 4 year old son. Together we went out in the pouring rain to make art.

2016-10-24-12-51-38Two forms of graffiti meet…





Autumn socks – for me!

I’ve jumped on the sock train and I’m never getting of it!

I made myself a pair of socks for the autumn – my favourite season!

Delicious Hedgehog Fibres Sock and my favourite heel design (Fish Lips Kiss heel by the Sox Therapist) = love ’em!

2016-09-28 20.07.42.jpg

2016-09-28 20.15.57.jpg
Autumn Socks
Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Poison colorway
Needles: 2.5 mm.
My Autumn socks on Ravelry


Nursery School Socks

Last July I made socks for a trio of 1 year olds that started nursery school this summer. The pattern is my go-to basic sock pattern with a little seed stitch detail on the instep. I figured I’d write up the pattern and share – because sharing is caring!

Nursery School Socks
Yarn: Drops Fabel Print
Needles: 2.5 mm.
My Nursery School Socks on Ravelry







The Husband Sweater

Last x-mas I gave my husband yarn for a sweater and a promise to put his sweater as my first priority. Now at the end of February it’s finally finished!

I used the Faroese yarn Snældan, both 3ply and 1 ply, one strand of each. I love the yarn and will definitely use it again.


The Husband Sweater

The Husband Sweater

The Husband Sweater on Ravelry.



In the first months of 2014 I promised myself to write down everything I’d craft in the year and make a fancy list of if by the end of the year. I made a list of almost everything I did and tried to put it all up on Ravelry with photos. However, some pairs of socks and mittens were missed by the camera and it’s not a complete list for the year as I’m definitely forgetting something…

So here it is, in no particular order:


Baby set for the wee one; a sweater, hat and socks

Ysolda’s MKAL shawl

A green BSJ

A purple BSJ

Striped socks

Kenzie shawl

And… loads of mittens, socks and hats for the kids.


A blanket for the wee one

 Herðubreið shawl

 Blanket for a new nephew

Jóhanna af Örk hat/cowl


I’m setting the goal for even more crafting in 2015!

Hello world!

It’s almost July and we have not seen the summer here in Reykjavík, Iceland. We did have a good spring though so I’m not complaining over the weather… yet ;)

This spring, on the 24th of March me and my husband became parents to a beautiful baby girl whom we named Urður. Here is a photo of her on her way home from the hospital.

2014-03-25 13.49.53

Sweater and socks
Pattern: My own design. Will be published later.
Yarn: Lanett

Baby cap
Pattern: Classical baby cap, pattern can be found in Icelandic here
Yarn: Lanett
Needles: 2.5 mm.

PatternBabysvøbet – Det hele kongerige by Marianne Knorborg
Yarn: Dalegarn BabyUll
Needles: 3.5 mm. and 4.5 mm.
The whole kingdom on Ravelry

My first sock pattern: Jasmin!

I’ve been terrified of knitting socks for years. The thought of making the heel and grafting two toes was more than I could bare. But then I found out you could knit socks from the toe up. And then I saw all the beautiful sock yarn you can buy…

So I started knitting socks. AND I HAVEN’T STOPPED!

I made the Jasmin socks with a special person in mind; a talented girl that I’m so lucky to know. She is also bright and vibrant; just like the colours of the socks!

And because this is my first sock pattern to be published, It’s free through May 2013! Just head on over to my Ravelry shop and download your copy!*

Hope you enjoy the Jasmin socks, I loved knitting them!

*Please note that even though I’m giving you this pattern now it is still under copyright and does not give you permission to distribute it, not now or after May 31st when I start selling it.

My patterns!

I’m working on putting all my knitting and crochet patterns up on Ravelry. Some are already there but some need a little freshening up before they get published. That shouldn’t take too much time.

So for all my patterns, both free and the ones I sell, check out my pattern site.

My patterns


Happy new year!

What a year 2012 was! The highlight was without a doubt giving birth to my first, Draupnir, and get to know him. He’s a fantastic little boy, charming and happy. I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for my little family.

Knitting-wise I knit my son a Royal blanket, that was my biggest knit this year. I also knit him a sweater, hat and socks. I crochet more than I have done in the previous years and I have found out that amigurumi is something I really like. This year I knit the first garment ever for my husband: A hat! He loved it so that inspires me to maybe knit something more for him. But I don’t think I’ll be going down the road of a husband-sweater…

So lets look at my knitting resolutions for 2012:

1. Knit socks! – CHECK!

2. Spin more! – Not so much…

3. Knit more! – CHECK!

4. Design more! – CHECK!

5. Yarnstorm more! – CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

I think I did pretty good in 2012 ;)  I also published my first patterns on Ravelry, you can see them here.


Crafty resolutions for 2013:

1. Finish and publish a pattern that I’m working on at the moment.

2. Design and publish a pattern for a children sweater (at least one!)

3. Design and knit or crochet mittens, hats and socks for Draupnir as he grows.

4. Knit myself something really beautiful and nice!

Yarnstorm coming up…

Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers are heading to their biggest yarnstorm yet. It’s going to be big and moving. Don’t miss it!