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Icelandic lass that loves yarn. Learned to knit and crochet when Guns N’ Roses hit the billboards with the oh-so-fantastic-song Don’t cry and have been in an on and off relationship with yarn ever since.

Last couple of years this yarn-love has become obsessive-ish as the stash piles up in my yarn-cabinet and needles and yarn are on every table in the house. Other members of the house (a husband and two cats that LOVE yarn!) have become used to living with yarn and endless talking about yarn/patterns/knitting methods/designing patters etc. The husband has even become an expert on choosing colors as I have “decidophobia” when it comes to colors. There are just too many beautiful colors out there…!

If you are not trying to sell me viagra or trying to convince me I need a larger penis, feel free to contact me at knittyattitude[at]

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  1. OMG! I had to laugh reading that comment about Viagra and larger peni$es. I get those emails all the time! hahaha I am knitting your Home mittens today. :)


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