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Women’s Day Off

On the 24th of October 1975, 30.000 Icelandic women took the day off to demand equal pay. This year, women are walking out of their jobs at 14.38 (2.38 pm). Why at that time? Because women still get paid around 20% less than men when all other variables have been taken in consideration. Are we 20% less worthy? Hell no!

I’ve had this piece for graffiti for quite some time now. It’s knit by my mom but she wasn’t happy with it and was going to throw it away. No way mom – it’s graffiti material! So I took it under my wing and have been waiting for the perfect occasion.

Today – when Icelandic women walk out of their jobs at 14.38 was the perfect timing. It was also a great opportunity to talk about equality and art in the public space with my 4 year old son. Together we went out in the pouring rain to make art.

2016-10-24-12-51-38Two forms of graffiti meet…





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