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I didn’t knit and crochet as much as I wanted in 2015 but then again, you always want to do more! Turns out that working, studying for a Masters degree and 2 young children does cut down your crafting time :)

So here is my Crafted in 2015 list (as remembered…):



The Husband Sweater – Ravelry

Purple Kertalogi hat for a friend – Ravelry

A smaller purple Kertalogi – Ravelry

Color Craving by Westknits – Ravelry

September shawl (a design for a friend)

Purple & Pink hat – Ravelry

Frostbite headband – Ravelry

4 x Brioche Hats – Ravelry

– and mittens and socks for the kids as well as headband as an Xmas gift which didn’t get photographed :)



Three Call the Midwife blankets for my sister-in-laws triplets. – Ravelry: The purple blanket, the pink blanket, the turquoise blanket.

Three Octopus amigurumis for the triplets – Ravelry.



For 2016 I’m going to do sweaters. And finish my Masters thesis. It’s going to be a great year – bring it on!

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