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Three is the magic number…

We spent last New Year’s eve at my husband’s sister where the family gathered. Great company, great food, a bonfire and fireworks.

That evening I told my husband: “Your sister is pregnant!”  I just saw it.

So it was no surprise when she called us one Sunday in the beginning of 2015 and told us she was pregnant. The surprise came right after that.


“It’s triplets”


Wait… WHAT?!

Triplets? Like one, two, three? Babies? On their way?


So I started crocheting!  And what more fitting for three little babies than Call the midwife inspired baby blankets. I mean, if there is ever a time to call a midwife…

Þrjú teppi


The blankets on Ravelry: One little…,


Two little…,


Three little…



I also did three octopuses – Bläckfiskar.


My Bläckfiskar on Ravelry

The crochet octopus (Bläckfisk) is originated in Sweden where groups of crocheters make them and give to NICUs around the country. The octopus gives the premature baby security and the long twisty arms remind of the umbilical cord and the time in the womb.

More information on the crochet octopus (in Swedish) is on

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  1. Love the blankets and the octopuses

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