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Boob on the go – Part III

Boob on the go is my contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness month this year. Every day throughout October my boob will show up different places.

Here is Boob on the go – part III: October 20th – October 131st

October 20th
Boob and the national referendum in Iceland

October 21st
Boob in a cradle

October 22th
Boob in a bearsuit

October 23rd
Boob on a bench

October 24th
Boob rocks

October 25th
Boob at a bus stop

October 26th
Boob and first snow of this winter in Reykjavík

October 27th
Boob and mittens

October 28th
Boob and Christian IX

October 29th
Boob in Harpa – Reykjavik concert hall and conference centre

October 30th
Boob and the red guy

October 31st
Boob on Halloween

Here is Boob on the go – part I and Boob on the go – part II.

Also, be sure to check out what Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers are doing for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

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  1. Ég elska þessar Boob on the go færslur hjá þér. Hafa svo sannarlega fengið mig til að brosa í október :)


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