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Boob on the go – Part II

Boob on the go is my contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness month this year. Every day throughout October my boob will show up different places.

Here is Boob on the go – part II: October 9th – October 19th

October 9th
Boob on a BBQ

October 10th
Boob and a cake

October 11th
Boob and a Kitchen Aid

October 12th
Boob and Bessastadir, the Presidential Residence in Iceland

October 13th
Boob and a fire-boob

October 14th
Boob and autumn leaves

October 15th
Boob in the bookstore

October 16th
Boob and a pink scarf

October 17th
Boob and embroidery

October 18th
Boob and drop spindles

October 19th
Boob and Raffi the giraffe

Here is Boob on the go – part I.

Also, be sure to check out what Reykjavík Underground Yarnstormers are doing for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

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