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October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

One year ago I did a Breast Yarnstorm to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, I’m doing it a little differently but the pink boob is of course part of it!

So let me introduce… *drum roll* …BOOB ON THE GO!

1st of October: Tindastóll, Drangey, Boob and Þórðarhöfði in Skagafjörður, Iceland


Boob will be on the go all through October just to remind us all how important Breast Cancer Awareness is. Be sure to go regularly for a check up!


[If you want to crochet a pink boob for Breast Cancer Awareness month or any other occasion that needs a pink boob (you’d be surprised how many times a pink boob comes in handy…) here’s a free pattern I made: Pink Breast!]

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