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Sheep bump yarnstorm!

For some people, the location of yarn graffiti is everything. When I saw this “ristahlið” (yes, that’s Icelandic and I have no idea what it’s called in English so from now on, this is a sheep bump, courtesy of my husband) I knew it was a place for a yarnstorm.

So I yarnstormed!

Making the world prettier, one sheep bump at a time ;)

Probably not the best working conditions for a pregnant woman with hip pain
but when you feel the need to yarnstorm there is no stopping you…

Don’t mind me, I’m just… eh… stitchin’

And we’re done!

All done!


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  1. They’re called Cattle Grids in the UK. Not an easy place to yarnstorm! Well done.

  2. Knitty Attitude

    Ah… Cattle Grids makes sense :) Thank you!


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