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The never-ending project…

My knitting days are haunted by a never ending project!

I bet most of you have been in my shoes (or knitting needles…). I started this beautiful sweater for myself, full of knitting energy! Then I had to frog. A lot. But I kept knitting! Knit, knit, frog, knit, knit, frog…

As I finally saw that I might be able to finish it I noticed a HUGE error about a thousand rows ago.  I started counting to ten…  Then decided to finish the darn thing and correct it afterwards. No, I just have to finish a “few” rows before I can start the correcting bit and THEN I can weave in ends, block and wear.

That is… if I won’t cut it to million little pieces first!

On the bride side: I’m getting married next month! :)

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