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Spring is here! :)

I think the spring has arrived here in Iceland. At least in my part of town ;)

I KNOW my birthday isn’t until the 28th (and that day I have a really big test… great timing!) BUT I opened one present today! I joined a Birthday Swap on Ravelry and was paired up with a girl that lives in Italy ans has the same birthda. Today I got my present and just needed to get a little brake from things so I opened it and BOY did it make my day!

Look at all the goodies I got:

In the package was:

Benissimo – a magazine I don’t understand a word in but that doesn’t matter, I understand knitting ;)
2 skeins of Needful Yarns, wool.
1 skein oh-so-beautiful handpainted wool from Fyberspates  (oh my the colors! :) )
1 skein kettle dyed Malabrigo yarn (oh boy do I look forward to knit with this yarn!)
6 handmade stitch markers
soak fiber washing “soap”
2 plates of chocolate mmm…
pink pen
lip balm
Weleda cream (I’m guessing sun cream :D)
A birthday card

Thank you Azzuka! :)

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  1. I’m really glad you liked it…
    The Weleda cream is protect your hands in the cold and windy Iceland, so that they’re always in great condition for… knitting!

  2. Knitty Attitude

    Ah… of course! Thank you again! :) Hope your package arrives soon :)


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