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Tip: Lace frogging

If you have knitted lace and made a mistake you know how frustrating it is to frog it. It’s always a chance you accedentally miss an yo or a ssk and get lost in the pattern. Trust me, I’ve been there…

So I was very glad when I read about how not to loose your lace when frogging. It takes a little thinking ahead…

Take a thread or a laceweight yarn and thread it through the little hole in your interchangeble needles. Some people use dental floss but I’m not a fan of menthol in my lace so I use thread or laceweight yarn. Let’s call this extra yarn/thread our helper-yarn.

Knit as usual. See how the helper-yarn goes into all the stitches on the needle.

When you have reached the end of the row, tie both ends of the helper yarn together.

Leave the helper-yarn in and keep knitting. If you find a mistake you can frog your work and it will never go lower than the helper-yarn. That way you can frog and then put the stitches back on the needles without loosing yo’s, ssk’s and k2tog’s!

Here you can see the stitches on the helper yarn after frogging. Now the stitches can be moved back on the needles without dropping or getting lost :)

Use as many helper-yarns as you want. Leave them in until you are sure there is no need to frog. Then remove it and enjoy your lace project :)

(If you don’t have interchangeble needles just thread a tapestry needle with laceweight yarn or thread through all the needles on the hook, tie both ends together and knit as usual.)

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