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First project of 2010!

The first project of 2010 is a traditional icelandic sweater for my friend Rocky. I have both of the sleeves done. Hint if you don’t like knitting sleeves: Knit the second one first, it helps ;)

Pattern: Frost by Védís Jónsdóttir,  from Lopi 29
Yarn:  Álafoss Lopi
Needles:  4.5 mm. and 6.0 mm.

NB! There is an error in the pattern for the sleeves for the size small. It says CO 34 sts, knit 4 cm. of rib and then add 2 sts. Then you have total of 36 sts but the fair isle pattern requires number of sts you can divide with 8. So I casted on like it says for the size medium and adjusted the number of sts along the way. I ended up with 48 sts as told in the pattern.

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  1. Based on the sleeves, the sweater should be spectacular. As someone struggling through her first sweater, I can’t even imagine doing a sweater with more than one color!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, so that I found yours!


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