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Knitting madness…!

Ok. Why didn’t anybody tell me to start knitting x-mas gifts in July. Seriously, WHY?!  Ok… to be fair the Electric sheep podcast from Hoxton Handmade did warn me… but you know how it is ;)  (btw. I know I have said it at least once but I’ll say it again and again and again:  Electric sheep is an AWESOME podcast! ;) )

Anyway, x-mas knitting: extreme version has been going on lately, will post pictures of that later. I have finished all the knitted gifts for this year but I’m knitting for a friend that arrives on the 27th so I still have some gift-knitting to do.

I’ll spend x-mas at my parents with my fiancé so I’m packing. Here, I’m trying to cumulate all the stuff I have to take with me… this is about half of it.

It’s going to be niiiiiiice ;)

In case this is the last post for x-mas I wish you all happy holidays! ;)

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