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Secret knitting…

These days I’m knitting christmas presents so I can’t post photos of that on the blog. But… instead I bring you this:


How to:  Break meringue in the bottom, put whippet cream on and fruits and chocolate on the top. Eat and be prepared to eat “a little” to much ;)  (It’s good to put the whippet cream on the meringue and let it wait for couple of hours, it’s softens the meringue).

I LOVE this thing, it’s easy to make and tastes like heaven!

But on the knitting side:  The Newborn baby afghan knits up slowly but surely. I have to finish it soon because the baby is due in 4 weeks!

Hey, did I tell you that I’m going to learn to spin on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel in November? I will! You will hear more about that later ;)

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  1. I’m having the same problem… everything I’m knitting is a Christmas present right now! Can’t wait to read about how you like spinning… I spin on a drop spindle, but I’m not brave enough to try a wheel yet. Maybe one day :)


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