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Has it ever happened to you that you are knitting… just knitting, knitting, kitting but then: OOOPS!!!  You spot a mistake! Maybe just a tiny one in the same row you are knitting. Or a tiny one hundred rows ago!  Or a huge one in every single row for the last 10 cm.!!!

That happened to me 2 months ago and I haven’t seen the garment since. Seriously, I packed it and I have not seen or mentioned it since!

BUT… tonight is the night! I’m going to find it, face it and correct the mistakes. I have overcome my knitting-huff on this cute garment and I’m going to finish it!

Here it is:  Vesti goes hip (Vest goes hip) from the icelandic book
Prjóniprjón (“Knittyknit”). The photo was taken before the mistakes.

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  1. What a great cute vest, such great colours.

    Love the Lopi hats too.

    Found you in Ravelry.


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