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Long time no see!

I spent last week in Denmark as a guide for my former students. Travelling with 15 teenagers around the Copenhagen area, doing all the touristy things.  I spent 3 days at a Danish home where the family was just fantastic! I gave them the white mittens in the previous post and a little Icelandic candy. Unfortunately I didn’t find any yarn-stores in Copenhagen…  But it was a lot of fun and a great way to say goodbye to the kids I’ve taught for 2 years. Now, I’m done with teaching (at least for the next few years). I started studying folklore  in the University of Iceland, as a matter of fact, the first lesson is today!

So… now that I’m in school I have alot of time to knit and do yarn-related stuff!  At the moment I’m dyeing 10 skeins of the Icelandic lace weight yarn einband. The last session is cooking right now, to bad that other memebers of the home don’t like the smell….

While I dye I like to listen to knitting podcasts and today I’ve been listening to the Electric Sheep from Hoxton Handmade (link on that in last post).  I just can’t tell you often enough how fabulous it is!

And oh! I joined a swap on Ravelry! My first swap ever! It’s a treasure swap and there is a list of what to send. I have already found few things to send but I can’t tell what it was until my swapper has recieved it, it’s supposed to be a suprise ;)

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