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So many patterns, so little time!

I LOVE yarn and everything that goes with it. I even try to like weaving in ends – weaving in ends means that the garment is almost ready to use!

Because of my yarn love I spend a lot of time reading about yarn and knitting, looking at patterns and thinking about my next masterpiece. I my search for next piece I use the internet alot!

Ravelry is yarn-heaven! I loose track of time when I browse through endless patterns, yarns and discussions. I love the possibility of seing hundreds of versions of the same pattern!

Garnstudio is a pattern heaven in many languages.

Sometimes, when reading a new pattern, I come across things that I don’t know what mean, have never tried and so on. In these cases, KnittingHelp and YouTube have many great videos that explain step by step. On YouTube I recommend The Knit Witch. She has good tutorials that are simple and easy to follow.

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