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So… on with the blog!

So… I love working with yarn!

When I was a child I made tons of friendship bracelets from left over yarn from my mothers stash. Then it developed into my own design of hats. All kinds of hats with a lot of fair isle knitting from patterns I made up.

As I grew up I saw there was more to knitting than hats so I started to knit mittens. After o-so-many right hand mittens I quit the mittens and started crochetting blankets. Fast, brainless and colorful! Then I got to know the icelandic lopi (wool). For a moment I forgot why I didn’t knit mittens and made couple of pairs. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone that has only right hands to give those mittens to…

But I kept knitting and chrochetting. These days my favorite yarn is the icelandic wool, Lopi. It’s fast knit and comes in beautiful colors. I can choose from different types of Lopi for different projects.

So what am I knitting this very moment?
A She-knits Mystery Bag KAL that I joined on Ravelry. I’m a little bit behind the others in the KAL but I’m almost there. The pattern was for Lamb’s Pride Bulky but I used Létt-Lopi

With this project I learned many new things, thanks to Sharon (She-knits) that explain everything row by row and posted videos for us to learn.

A green boy Létt-Lopi sweater for my friend’s son. The Pattern is from the book Lopi 28, it’s Létt-Lopi on needles nr. 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5.

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  1. You knitty little devil ;)
    I love your web site…looking forward to our next knitty meeting on the 19th…


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